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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Manufacturing Science and Engineering Department



Fascicle V, Technologies in Machine Building

ISSN 1221-4566

Fascicle V, Year 2007

1. EPUREANU A. Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems-the Next Generation

2. MAIER C., KOSMALSKI N., BANU M., EPUREANU AL., PAUNOIU V. Design of the virtual model of re-drawing   process

3. MAIER C., TABACARU V., BANU M., BOUVIER S., MARINESCU V. Designing of a Reconfigurable   Set of Inverse Re-drawing Dies Aided by FEM Simulation

4. LIXANDRU I., EPUREANU Alex., FRUMUSANU G., CRĂCIUN M. V.  Coherence of Reconfigurable Manufacturing   Systems Thermo-Mechanical Fields

5. EPUREANU A., MARIN F. B., BANU M., MAIER C., MARINESCU V.    Manufacturing Embedded Control Systems-a New   Approach

6. ALAMANO A. M.,. HAUK N., EPUREANU A.   Adaptive-Optimal Control of Reconfigurable   Machine Tool

7. NEAGU Maria    Hydrodynamic Lubrication of Linear Hydraulic   Engines

8. CĂPĂTINĂ Nicu, TEODOR Virgil   Module Worm Cutter with Active   Surfaces Generated by Continuous Sharpening

9. FRUMUSANU Gabriel, EPUREANU Alexandru    Chaotic Dynamics of Cutting Processes Applied   to Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems Control

10. PAUNOIU V., MAIER C., EPUREANU Al., BANU M., NICOARA D.    Virtual Compensation of Springback in Sheet   Metal Deformation Using Reconfigurable  Multipoint Die

11. MAIER C., BANU M., PAUNOIU V., EPUREANU Al.    Steet metal forming analysis with multipoint   reconfigurable die using data mining technique

12. STOIAN Constantin, FRUMUSANU Gabriel     Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems Design   Principles

13. EPUREANU Al., TEODOR V., CUZMIN C.    Surfaces Identification Based on Parameters   Circulation

14. EPUREANU Al., VIRGIL T., CUZMIN C.    Geometry Monitoring Method   Based on Surfaces Assembly Identification

15. EPUREANU Al., VIRGIL T., CUZMIN C.    A New Approach of the Dimensional Inspection   Based on Dimensions Assembly Identification

16. EPUREANU Al., PETRUS V.    About Geometrical Tolerancing   Standards 17. MISTODIE Luigi Renato, RUSU Carmen Cătălina    Arc Welding Workspace Risk   Factors Evaluation and Monitoring

18. GAVRUS A., BANU M., RAGNEAU E., MAIER C., MARINESCU V.    Identification of Sheet Material Parameters   from an Inverse Analysis of the Erichsen Test

19. PĂUNOIU V., NICOARĂ D., CIOCAN Ov., GHITĂ E.     Simulation of the Reconfigurable Tubes   Hydroforming Technology

20. TEODOR V., CUCU M., OANCEA N.    Algorithm for Corrective   Profiling of Rack-Gear Tools

21. MURARIU Gabriel, CUZMIN Ciprian    On the MAPLE Routines for Discrete Symmetries   Study on Curved Manifolds

22. BANU M., EPUREANU A., HAMA T., NAIDIM O.   Algorithm for Springback   Prediction of the Automotive Body Cars Based on the Knowledge and Decision-makin  process

23. BANU M., TOFAN A., TABACARU V., CHERIF M., MAIER C., PAUNOIU V.    Qualitative analysis of the   large plastic deformed Al-Mg alloy probe using atomic force   microscopy

24. BANU M., FLORESCU M., EPUREANU A., MARINESCU V.    An Econometric Model of the Materials-Market   Relation in the Body Cars Manufacturing

25. EPUREANU A., BURUIANA F., CIUNTU S., SUSAC F., TOFAN A.    Algorithm for Economical Characteristics   Identification a Machining System

26. EPUREANU A.., SUSAC F., CONSTANTIN I., BURUIANA F.    Identification of the Composite   Surfaces with the Application to the Casting and Deep Drawing Dies