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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
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Fascicle V, Technologies in Machine Building

ISSN 1221-4566

Fascicle V, Year 2006

1.CAESTECKER P., GAVRUS A., RAGNEAU E. Bet in Evidence of the Influence of the Behavior Law on the Generation of the Surface of a Chip at the Time of the Numeric Simulation of the Orthogonal Cut

2.STOIAN CONSTANTIN Method to Calculate Oscillatory Die Volumetric Deformation Process Specific Parameters

3.STOIAN C., FRUMUŞANU G. Contributions to Production Systems Functional Reliability Analysis

4.MEDREA Carmen, NEGREA Gavril Microstructural Modifications during Heating of Warm Rolled AISI 1015 Carbon Steel

5. NEAGU MARIA Cutting Tool Temperature in Cylindrical Turning

6.HAPENCIUC A., SPANU C., HAPENCIUC M. On Plug Stroke Length Determination at Pneumatic Valve Distributors

7.OANCEA N., TEODOR V., BIZIM L. A New Mathematical Model for Helical Drill Back Face Geometry Study

8.OANCEA N., MIHĂLUŢA M., TEODOR V Approximation of the Gear Cutter Profile Used in the Generation of Interior Poliform Surfaces

9.PĂUNOIU V., EPUREANU Alex., NICOARĂ D., CIOCAN O. A Review of the Sheet Metal Forming Methods Using Reconfigurable Dies

10.PETREA A. , OPREA G. Etalbond Aluminium Composite Material for Metalic Constructions

11.GHIŢĂ Eugen The Calculation of the Tools Necessary for Slotting by Rolling of the Polyeccentric profiles

12.PĂUNOIU V., NICOARĂ D., BANU M., MAIER C., CIOCAN O., EPUREANU A. Design an Experimental Reconfigurable Die for Sheet Metal Forming

13.TĂBĂCARU Valentin Machinability Analysis by Wire Cut Electroerosion of Special Hard Metals

14.FRUMUŞANU Gabriel, CUCU Marian, OANCEA Nicolae Tangents Method to Profile Rack-Tools to Generate by Wrapping

15.CIOCAN Ovidiu Dumitru, GHIŢĂ Eugen Process and Tool for Machining of Small Size Spherical Surfaces

16.DIMA Mircea An Algorithm Applied to the Design of Centering and Fixing Devices

17.BANU M., BOUVIER Salima, EPUREANU Al., MARINESCU V. A New Technique of Springback Prediction by Combining FEM Calculation and Artificial Neural Network

18.BANU M., NAIDIM O., PAUNOIU V., MAIER C. QFD Application in an Automotive. Case Study

19.CUZMIN Ciprian, CUZMIN Gheorghe Involute Profile Internal Cylindrical Teeth Worm Hob Rolling Generation

20.CĂPĂŢINĂ N., MIHĂLUŢĂ M., TEODOR V. The Profiling of the Abrasive Tools for the Continuous Sharpening of Hobbing Cutters with Shifted Teeth